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Nov 21 2011

Pondering the future

I should be writing my women’s studies senior thesis right now. Tomorrow at 10:45AM, my professor will probably expect me to have at least something written down other than my name and thesis topic (China’s one child policy and its consequences on the female population in today’s society).
Rather than doing what is really important at this given moment, I am, instead, pondering my future.
This weekend, our college’s mock trial team traveled to University of Iowa for a tournament. One of my judges during the round is a current TFA CM in St. Louis. Naturally, I stayed after the round to speak with him. He was very excited to share his experiences with me. He told me that he has some of the best students in the world. They are the reason why he rolls out of bed in the morning. They are the reasons why he comes to the school…

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Nov 14 2011

Here is where the journey begins

Today at approximately 11:55AM, I made a decision. This decision will help to shape the rest of my life. It will not only dramatically affect my life for the next two years, but also the lives of my family, friends, and future students (the “little kiddos” in my life). I know that this road will…

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